Sunday, April 28, 2013



    Spring is finally here, so what are you going to do? What is your favorite thing about spring? The things I am most excited about for spring are that summer is almost here, I can now ride my bike, and finally warm weather. I like spring more than fall because spring is close to summer and no school, where fall is close to winter and lots of school still. At first I was really excited for winter; I couldn’t wait for it to snow. By the end of winter I was really hoping for the snow to melt, and I didn’t like going outside much. Now that spring is here, there is a bunch of new things to do outside like riding my bike. Once summer comes, I’m going to be one happy person.
    Once summer is here, there will be no school. I am really excited to be able to stay home and sleep in. I love summer because I can go outside and do whatever without having homework. School would be a lot better without homework, but I guess then we wouldn’t learn as much. In the summer we go on short vacations, and long vacations. Both are fun for me, other than I don’t like the long drive to places farther away. My brother and I are going to Chicago this summer with our grandparents. We had a choice of where to go, but we didn’t want to sit in the car for a really long time to go somewhere far away. Chicago has lots of fun stuff and is nearby, which is why it was our choice. Summer is going to be great, which is one of the reasons I like spring.
    I have already gotten my bike out, and I will probably ride it everyday in the summer. With school and Track, I don’t have very much time to ride my bike, do my homework, and eat supper. I only have the chance to ride my bike on the weekends while we have school, but summer is almost here! My family loves riding bikes; we often go out to try different bike trails around here. Sometimes they get very tiring, but mostly they are lots of fun. When I am really bored, I will usually go out to ride my bike around on our trails, or on the road. My brother and I occasionally try to chop some trails through our forest and then ride our bikes on them, but it hasn’t worked. Our house is on a hill, so riding my bike down it is a lot of fun. The only bad part is then riding my bike back up the hill.
    In the winter I got extremely tired of putting on my winter coat, gloves, and a hat. I was really getting sick of the cold weather. It took awhile, but now the temperature is finally warming up. With it being hotter outside, I can now wear a tee-shirt and shorts instead of a sweatshirt and jeans. In the winter with snow it was hard to play football or any summer sports outside. Now, I can play football, baseball, soccer, etc. It was fun jumping in the snow during winter, but it got boring eventually. By the end of winter I couldn’t wait to go outside and play whatever sport I felt like playing. I also like the warm weather because the windows can be open in the house, so now there is lots of fresh air. Warm weather has finally come after waiting for a long time.
    Riding my bike, warm weather, and summer is almost here are some wonderful things about spring. Spring seems amazing after that long winter. We waited a long time for the snow to melt, and it finally did. My whole family is very excited that it is spring now. My mom can start working in the garden, and my dad can build or fix things outside instead of the basement. As for me, I have a bunch of things that I can now do outside. So, what great things are you going to now that the weather has warmed up?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

By: Joey
Space is boundless and there is no human life or maybe even life at all. This 8 planets in space. My favorite planet is Jupiter because it has a really cool dot and it is really easy to find it now. Jupiter is orange and yellow. Pluto is no longer a planet.
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and it is really hot there! It’s is also the new smallest planet because of Pluto. It goes around the sun once which is 88 Earth day’s. It is so hot and it will kill you if you go on it.
Venus is the second planet from the sun. You can see it at night from Earth. It is a cool planet because it is purple and dark. It is a scary planet!! It is right next to Earth.
Earth is where we live and its the only planet with humans on it.  Earth is more water than land. It has lots of people living on it. No other planet has human life on it. Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It has dust storm a lot. A dust storm is kinda like a snowstorm but with dust instead of snow. It was like Earth but it changed and now no one can live there.
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and it has a nickname. Jupiter’s nickname is The Giant because it is the biggest. It is the closest planet to look like the sun.
Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and it is called the ringed planet. It is the only planet with a ring around it. Saturn has lots of  really windy spots all over the planet.
Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and it is called the blue planet. It is blue and it is really cold there because it is so far away from the sun.
Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun and it is called the outermost planet. It is a gas planet and it is really really cold!
Pluto is not a planet but it is a dwarf planet. It is a lot colder than Neptune but its not that far away.

By: Joey