Monday, January 28, 2013

The Himalaya's Big Surprise!

This groundbreaking discovery has huge implications for the area along the front of the Himalayan Mountains, given that the region has a population density similar to that of New York City.-

A earthquake prediction has been predicted to be so massive that it would affect the amount of people near the Himalayas as much as New York City. NTU Professor Paul Tapponnier, who is recognized as a leading scientist in the field of tectonic plates/ earthquakes. They say that this is not unexpected because such quakes like this have happened in 1897, 1905, 1934 and 1950. On the Richter scale the earthquakes near there were measured at a 8 -8.5. These earthquakes experienced a magnitude of 7.8 and 8.9 which on this level of magnitude would be considered as a Blind Quake.

There are some good things about knowing when a bad Earthquake could happen. The good news is officers can get the people out of the region. Not only could they get people out of the area but they can also have time to study the Earthquake and learn for information about it and how often it will happen and the range it will affect for so the people can settle in a new location so nobody will get hurt. The bad news is that no matter what an earthquake will occur and if an earthquake happens there might not be enough time to know how much time they have to leave before the next big earthquake happens.

If the people know that bad earthquake history has happened in that area then why don't they move? If I was them after the second earthquake I would have gotten out of there and moved somewhere else. Another thing is that if the scientists know how bad the earthquakes will be and how much they will occur I would hope they would notify everyone in the areas that would be affected by the earthquakes. I think eventually the scientists will make the right decision.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The cuLen Life

The cuLen Life

The cuLen life is a very different life than many of you humans who are reading this. Prepare for what you are about to read.  This is how I live my life, the cuLen way. So here it goes...

Every morning, I must get up before 6:45, to get a check mark on my chart. The reason why I have check marks is because I’m earning a cell phone by getting up before 6:45, bring my backpack, lunch, coat, etc. to school, and bringing my stuff home. That all adds up to 3 check marks a day. Scientist did studies on how long it takes to get into a habit. The conclusion showed 30 days in a row. I’m around 20 something. But if I mess up on 1 check mark, I  have to start all over again!!!!  But that is never going to happen.
After I get out of bed, I have breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, make my bed, brush my teeth, open my blinds, put on my coat shoes, hat, gloves, etc. grab my lunch and backpack,  I get into the car. My Mom starts the car around 7:30 to warm it up, so we don’t freeze. In the car ride, my Mom talks about the day, and what we need to do during school, and after school. This way, we know ahead of time, and is a very smart way to pass time. After my Mom drops me off at school, she goes to work, at school. When I get to my locker, I review all of the stuff that I my mom told me to do. When the bell rings, I go to study hall in the library. In the library, I work on my DQ for the day, and other work. After 15 minutes, I go to Ms. Kim’s room, because her room is more fun when there is an i pad. After study hall, I go to other classes that I’m not going to talk about in this blog because it’s going to take a long time, and most of you guys know my schedule. After school, when I don’t have an activity,  I hop onto the bus. I sit next to J- Dog, or AK. During the bus ride, it seems as though this creature or animal hits me with a book, and calls to the wild. I can’t describe it, but it screams a lot, sings a lot, and hits me with books on the head.
Most days after school I have sport activities such as cross country, basketball, and track. (But not for track this time, I’m doing baseball) In the off season, I ride the bus home. Once I get off of the bus, I go home to my house. I usually get home two minutes before my dad does. When I’m in the house, I let the dogs outside to use the bathroom. When my dad comes home, he lets the dogs back inside, feeds them, puts them back outside again, and lets them back in. (My dogs use the bathroom after they eat)  When I’m in the off season, I usually like to go ice skating on my pond after school during the winter. Once I’m done ice skating, I do my homework on an i pad, or the computer. If I don’t have homework, I usually like to play minecraft.
Around 5:30, I eat dinner. After dinner, I work on some more homework, or watch some T.V. At 9:00, the T.V. is turned off, and I have my snack. After eating my second dinner, I go to bed around 9:45- 10:00. Once I wake up, well, that’s up to you.....  

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Blog #7                                                                                                              Ryan Hollatz


Snowmobiling can be a fun sport, but it can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.   There are trails that you can ride on. They are all marked by had by the members of the snowmobile clubs in the area that you are riding in.  You must have a snowmobile safety course certificate in order to drive your own snowmobile with an adult.  If you don’t have your certificate or you don’t have a licensed driver with you, you could still drive on your own land. You can ride and be safe and have fun at the same time. If you are not careful you could flip the snowmobile and get hurt bad. So be safe and have fun. Do not ever go on the trails by yourself.  If you break down, or get into some kind of accident, you may not be able to get help.  If you still choose to go riding alone, you should tell a person where you are going and how long you will be gone. If you are going on a long trip you should check in every couple hours and make sure that the snowmobiles have the right amount of gas and oil. One of the first times you go riding you should go with some one that knows the trails. If you ride on the trails you should have a sled that is a good fit for you. When riding with other people, you should look back every once in a while to make sure that they are still behind you. You should never break away from the group that you are with. Some of the things that you should have when riding are, a helmet, warm gloves, a jacket, extra hats, snow pants and matches. You should always have a map of the state and a map of the trails. Some of the places that I go snowmobiling are the Wisconsin Dells area, upper Wisconsin and of course around the Ripon area. Right now the trails are open all around Wisconsin, many other states have there trails open to like, Minnesota and Michigan.   I have never been to any other state but I think that it would be fun to go. We have two snowmobiles and they are Ski-Doos. They are very nice and have each one has about 700 miles on them. That is really good because most have a thousand or more miles because they have been ridden more or are older. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The point of this paper is to show the difference and similarities between the book “Nightjohn” which was published in 1993 and written by Gary Paulsen and the movie, also “Nightjohn” which premiered in 1996. These stories take place during slavery times in the United States. The main characters’ names in both the book and the movie are Sarny, John(NightJohn), Mammy and C’lel Waller. The setting takes place on a plantation owned by one C’lel Waller. Nightjohn is bought by Waller for one thousand dollars. Nightjohn at his previous plantation tried to get away twice and failed but on the third time he got free away and then came back. He came back because he wanted to teach the slaves to read and write, but it was illegal for a slave to read and write so he taught in secret from Waller and most of everybody else on the plantation. Mammy is not Sarny’s birthing mother, her mother was sold a few years after she was born, Mammy is the caretaker of the young slave children. Sarny is the main character and she is the narrator.

Some similarities in the both the book and the movie were the names of the main characters, Sarny, Nightjohn, Waller, and Mammy.  In both the book and the movie the first words were the same,”This is the story of Nightjohn, it is also about me, because I’m in it...” Something that is the same in the plot of the movie and the book is that in both of them Sarny is being taught how to read by Nightjohn. Another similarity was that Nightjohn had been bought.  A conflict that is the same in the novel and the movie is when Waller finds out that one of his slaves is visiting another slave he punishes them ,but in the book it is much more gruesome.
The people who have seen the movie before reading the book think that the book was more different than the movie and vice versa. In my case I read the book first and think the book was better. The reason that they think that is because the differences. And that is what this paragraph is about. A difference in one of the characters is in Sarny. In the book she said that she couldn’t remember much, and in the movie she said that she remembers everything since the day she was born, this is a character v.s. character conflict. A big thing that people do not like is when there is change in part of the plot, for example in the movie they added a part were Sarny got baptized, when they added that they added a part of conflict that wasn’t in the book, they had that after Sarny was baptized she stole a bible ,then that added a part that showed one of the slaves getting whipped and that added more conflict.

In conclusion, I personally liked the book better than the movie. I hoped that you read novel and watch the movie, I would recommend these to a more mature group, 12 to 13 years of age was okay. When you are done with reading and watching “Nightjohn”  there is a sequel of the book, “Sarny”, also written by Gary Paulsen. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you read and enjoy the books and movie also.

Are We a Product of our Culture?

Are we a product of our culture? What is culture? Where is culture? What is a product? Are you confused? That is why I am here, to answer these questions and to make it clear once and for all.
First, Culture. Culture is what shapes our lives and there is no escaping it because it is whatever you do is your culture, the food you eat, the style of house you live in the clothes you wear and most of the time it has to do with your heritage and/or ancestors. Culture is also shared attitudes, knowledge and behaviors of a group. Some more examples of culture are architecture, history, tradition, food, music, etc. Culture is everywhere there are thousands of different types of cultures. American cultures, Lithuanian cultures, Italian, etc.
Where is culture? Culture is everywhere in the cities, in the suburbs, in rural areas and everywhere else. Every culture has their differences from another, but most of them have at least one similarity with another culture, like religion and/or food. There is even culture in school, your local community, and even in your state or province. In Wisconsin, United States of America, a big part of their culture is Dairy.
Now, what is a product? A product of something is a result of something. When most people think of a product they think of something that is made in a factory, and a toy or something along those lines. When you’re talking about culture the factory is our family, our peers and out role models. The product is us, we are influenced by our family, peers and role models and we copy the, and it becomes our culture and our childrens and so on. I have been told that parents are the bone in which children sharpen their teeth.
As you have seen throughout this article we are most definitely a product of our culture. I hope that I have answered all of the questions and leave you with none left on this topic and I hope I have taught you something about culture. Thank You.