Friday, December 21, 2012

Commander Sanders Tales- Part Two

Blog Entry #3: Alright, in a few days, we launch the attack on Captain Cat. I know this attack will work. With Captain Cat gone, I will be able to launch many more attacks on other great enemies. We had a big meeting about the attack, with me and Lt. Flufferson leading. We hope not to lose many great and brave sloth fighters. We have a new suit that will enable us to move very quickly. Our slowness is one of our biggest enemies that causes us to fail. This suit will make our fighters one of the best in the whole galaxy. The Ship had some updates and special parts added to enable us to travel faster.

Blog Entry #4: Alright final blog before the attack! It is being launched tomorrow. Today, we have spent all of our time planning and preparing for our attack. It will be easy, I think, because we will be attacking with the element of surprise. Captain Cat will be going down. If lucky, I think we should take down all the enemies, but not the ship. That way, with one more ship, we will be unstoppable! Alright, I need to go get some sleep for the big battle coming up tomorrow. Good night everyone.

Blog Entry #5: Guess what? We won!!! Even better though, we got Captain Cat’s ship! We snuck up on the ship, and took them all down by surprise! We even got some Cat warriors hostage. We will question them later tomorrow to ask about other enemies they know. With two ships, we can double team the enemies. Also, Captain Cat’s ship includes software and weapons we needed. I was the 
one to finish off Captain Cat! I snuck into his head quarters, we had an epic battle, and I ended up throwing him out the window of his own ship! He isn’t dead, but he’ll floating in space forever! For eternity! One sloth did fall out of the ship when we were nearing earth to land. He had a parachute though. In the picture to the right you will see the sloth himself with his life-saving parachute.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Student Modern Day Slavery Videos 3

These videos were made by students as part of our celebration of Human Rights Day, telling the stories of survivors of modern day slavery.

Rose's Story by Joey 

Cam Suze's Story by Austen

Rhampal's Story by Wyatt

Student Modern Day Slavery Videos 2

These videos were made by students as part of our celebration of Human Rights Day, telling the stories of survivors of modern day slavery.

Rhambo's Story by Cody 

Helia's Story by Collin

Student Modern Day Slavery Videos 1

These videos were made by students as part of our celebration of Human Rights Day, telling the stories of survivors of modern day slavery. 

Camp 14 by Sam

Maria's Story by Adrian 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Einstein, Light to the Power of 2

Einstein showed a little girl named Lanny what you can do with red, green, and blue and they come together and they become white. Lanny was friends with Einstein and she asked for help but she didn’t get help because the houseworker that helped Einstein didn’t let Lanny take to him. If you don’t know who Einstein is, he invented so many things. The three IB words that I am using are Open-Minded, Caring, and Risk-Taker.
Lanny was being very Open-Minded when she was thinking what to do for the school science fair.  It’s really cool what she did. She used light and how to make it powerful. If she put blue, green, and red, It made white and everyone was really happy but teacher didn't like Lanny because she was black so she tried to put her in special ed. Lanny’s mom didn't let her switch to special ed because she didn't want her to and neither did Einstein.
Einstein was being very caring when he help Lanny with the science fair.It was just telling a story about something and the idea was with light. This is very helpful because she can now begin. It was very easy to do when he was just standing there watch but not hand holding. Einstein was being caring because he said I will help you for one of  those jelly beans.
Lanny was being a risk-taker when she tried to do the science fair. It was really cool when she had blue, green, and red and made white light. When all join together they make white. She didn't even get help. The teacher was being mean but Einstein made it a A+. Which is what she deserves. Everyone was happy and lots of girls said good job and that meant a lot to her because everyone was a jerk. She was picked on because of her color of her skin.
So Lanny was being a risk-taker and Open-Minded when she was in this movie. She was very smart but the teacher didn’t like her. Einstein help with that and showed the teacher that she was smart. Lanny did good and this was a very good movie. Lanny was happy to have a friend.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guess what? Bermuda Triangle

Guess what? Bermuda Triangle
Sam Hebbe
~Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
Updated December 15, 2003
On a sunny day 58 years ago, five Navy planes took off from their base in Florida on a routine training mission, known as Flight 19. Neither the planes nor the crew were ever seen again.

Not too long ago five Navy planes took off for training. This is known as Flight 18. This is such a big deal because those five planes, never came back. The Bermuda Triangle is known for sucking ships and planes to it’s deep abyss. Most of the people to cross the Bermuda Triangle never return to their families and disappear on the radar. What happens there is an example of chemical weathering. The story continues to go on about the missing people right now.
When the five Navy planes disappeared it was really when the Bermuda started to stand out. Although the Bermuda Triangle really got to be noticed at that time the name had been given by  Vincent Gaddis in 1964. The Flight 19 was the first, but you can sure bet that it wouldn’t be the last. Many people thought maybe it was just bad luck or bad designmenship in the plane. But here is the strange thing. Those planes had been tested before and they worked fine they had been new and improved but now they are in the abyss.  A ship that was holding aircraft had sank because of sudden severe weather and the ship disappeared. Scientists thought they had found that ship but lead by disappointment it was just a different ship that had been destroyed. A man had been flying his plane and had happened to pass through a lot of fog and and he had disappeared on the radar near the caribbean and he had made it through it took him and hour but he made it. Now he had to go back to America. It was a sunny day when he took off... that changed in the middle of his flight when lightning was striking and it became cloudy and very foggy. He tried to reach the people on the other side of the radio but there was no signal. It cleared up about 3 minutes later and thats also when the radio signal came back and he panicked and asked where he was and he was shocked when he had heard that he was where he need to be. He traveled back to america in 6 minutes. This means it took him six minutes to travel a about an hour flight. He said that when he was going through the fog he saw a circle with swirls in it and then a big flash happen thats when he said that he was blinded by the light and when he got his vision back... he was where he needed to be, with full radio signal, and it was sunny. He was one of the few to survive the Bermuda Triangle.
The Bermuda Triangle is a strange place. It is a scientist tourist attraction. It is a strange place because people can only believe these things by a personal experience and it also has the strangest weathering changes. The Bermuda has a magnet pull and the extreme climate change is part of why people go missing.

Indians on a warpath

              The Indians were very territorial. If their land was in danger they would protect it. White people were establishing mining communities on the Indian ground. The settlers were also trapping and hunting and started to take over. Trouble started because at this time the Civil War was progressing, this made the Indians mad. The Sioux Indian tribe took action by Minnesota uprise. This uprise was appointed in the year 1862.The Sioux were defeated by the Union soldiers.
            After the defeat, the Sioux got extremely mad and started on a killing spree known as the Chivington Massacre. This war was placed in the Western Plains. Laramie, Wyoming, Bozeman and Montana were also hot Indian war spots. The indian Wars pained the western frontier for many moons.  Mining camps were overtaken and wagons were robbed.

             Even though the federal government reserved many lands for Indians, the settlers were still moving to the locations. Many soldiers even said “the only good Indian is a dead one.” There were also good Indians that were murdered by the army in numbers of over 300.
This took place in Sand Creek Colorado. This is what is believed to start the spark that fueled the massacre.