Thursday, December 6, 2012

Einstein, Light to the Power of 2

Einstein showed a little girl named Lanny what you can do with red, green, and blue and they come together and they become white. Lanny was friends with Einstein and she asked for help but she didn’t get help because the houseworker that helped Einstein didn’t let Lanny take to him. If you don’t know who Einstein is, he invented so many things. The three IB words that I am using are Open-Minded, Caring, and Risk-Taker.
Lanny was being very Open-Minded when she was thinking what to do for the school science fair.  It’s really cool what she did. She used light and how to make it powerful. If she put blue, green, and red, It made white and everyone was really happy but teacher didn't like Lanny because she was black so she tried to put her in special ed. Lanny’s mom didn't let her switch to special ed because she didn't want her to and neither did Einstein.
Einstein was being very caring when he help Lanny with the science fair.It was just telling a story about something and the idea was with light. This is very helpful because she can now begin. It was very easy to do when he was just standing there watch but not hand holding. Einstein was being caring because he said I will help you for one of  those jelly beans.
Lanny was being a risk-taker when she tried to do the science fair. It was really cool when she had blue, green, and red and made white light. When all join together they make white. She didn't even get help. The teacher was being mean but Einstein made it a A+. Which is what she deserves. Everyone was happy and lots of girls said good job and that meant a lot to her because everyone was a jerk. She was picked on because of her color of her skin.
So Lanny was being a risk-taker and Open-Minded when she was in this movie. She was very smart but the teacher didn’t like her. Einstein help with that and showed the teacher that she was smart. Lanny did good and this was a very good movie. Lanny was happy to have a friend.


  1. Einstein was a great and smart man. Like you said, he was also very caring. Nice job.

  2. This is pretty good. I like it a lot. Also, green is not a creative color...

  3. Yeah Eisenstein was all those learner profiles you said and he was extremely kind and nice to others just like you said good writing

  4. The movie was good wssn't it.

  5. Good Job Joey! I think I wrote something like that... :D