Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Day With Dad

Now, where were we. Oh, yes we had just scratched the surface about Ruby. Today we might find her potential. We also will learn about her family's jobs and positions.

Her dad is a Crook, he is also not the brightest Crook. His name is Mickey. This week he is posing as a cars salesman and will be selling  misrepresented cars. Lets take a look.
“Hey Kids I have a surprise for you”, said Mickey, “you get to come to work with me, yayyy.” “NOW GET IN THE CAR!”
“Alright here we are.”
“Dad, what are we going to do?” Asked Ruby.
“Well first we are going to show you how to “repair” a car that I got for $200.” told Mickey. “First you go in the dashboard and find a wire that hooks up to the Odometer then you put it in the drill and turn it backwards. Then when they look at the car they think there are not any miles on it when there is really 100,000 miles on the car. Then you give it a brand new finish and it looks good as new. Then we sell it for $2,000.”
“But Daddy that is illegal.” Said Ruby
What can I say I told you that he was a crook. But he is not a very good one and here is what happened to the person who bought this car. The man’s name is Richard Silvercaster, he belongs to the Chicago Mafia. He doesn’t just belong to it he is the head of it...
“Hello I would like to bye a car form you” complied Mr. Silvercaster.
(Car When Sold)
“Well, you know what, today is your lucky day. I have just the right car for you. It is right here...” Returned Mickey.
“PERFECT!” Answered Mr. Silvercaster.
The next day the man returned the car but this time it was shiny and not at all rusty. Also this time it had bullet holes in the back. This is what happened that day while Ruby and her brother were at home fighting.
“Take the car just take it I do not want it any more you can keep it, impound it or do anything else with it just take it, put i would prefer it if you impounded the car.”

Friday, October 26, 2012

Building a tree stand

  First you need a plan of how you are going set up your stand. Lots of plans for different
styles of deer stands can be found online. You can even watch step by step tutorials on
You Tube. There are a lot of supplies that you will need, like: a hammer, nails, saw,
screws, different lengths and sizes of wood, windows and doors. You can build a ground
stand or one that is up in the air like a tree house to see down into the marsh and woods.
If you build it right, you should be able to see out all four sides of your stand. That way
you can have a clear shot of your intended target when it gets within shooting distance. I
am building a stand that will be similar to a tree house. It has four walls, a door, windows
and a roof. The roof even has shingles. We are almost finished with it but we are
waiting for windows and a door. You should put up see-through curtains. That way the deer can’t see you, but you can see them. It’s better if you can get up in a tree instead of just being on the ground. That way you are less visible to the deer and have a better chance of
The choice is up to you. If you aren’t into doing a lot of planning and building, you can
buy premade stands from most sporting goods stores like Fleet Farm, Cabela’s or Gander
Mountain. By looking at the picture, you can get an idea of the kind of labor involved in
building your own stand. Some people build the stand in their garage or shop and haul it
to the woods to set up and some people just take all of their supplies out to the woods
and build it there. Building a stand can be as easy or hard as you make it. Some people I
know have carpet, heaters, and little stoves to stay warm and to cook easy things to eat
while you are out there. We have been working on my stand for three weekends now and
we still are not finished. I’m not even making it very fancy. It’s fun to do it with my
dad because we both like to hunt and we can spend time together and have a finished
project to show people.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Adventure at Kings Island

Last Summer, I had one exciting, fun, week down at Cincinnati where I visited my relatives and my Mom’s Dad. We also rode roller coasters at “Kings Island.” Kings island is an awesome place for riding roller coasters, playing games, and getting ripped off!! One of the rides I liked there the most was the “Diamondback”
The Diamondback is of course a snake, but the ride is a highest hill climb in the whole park. I have rode Diamondback A LOT of times. (legitimately 5 times) When you get on the roller coaster, it’s like “Oh Ya, “Lets do this”. But when you get halfway up the chain hill, it’s like, “Get me off now” and you’re really scared. The best spot on the roller coaster is the back. The back of the cart is the best, because you get the most drop and most pull. When I rode it, I asked 2 REALLY fat guys to sit in the front, and they did. It was the best ride of my life with those guys in the front.
Anyways, I liked the other roller coasters too at Kings Island. One of them was called “The Beast” The Beast you guys probably heard of, if you didn’t I’ll tell you. The Beast is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster. It was built a long time ago, and about 10 years ago, they added more to the coaster. The Beast is supposed to be about an animal that lives on the side of the rails. That I kind of believed, and I’m 13 years old.

Kings Island is a night park too. Well kind of, Kings Island closes at 10 at night. (duh) At that time, it's dark out side, which makes coasters fun! The best one at night is "The Beast". The reason why because the roller coaster is in a forest, which makes it all scarey like the beast is hiding in it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The life of slave times

                                                              The Life In Slave Times

                      Slavery started when farming started because farming had the advantage of putting their prisoners of war to work for them. People who were slaves were people who were captured in the war, criminals or sometimes people who couldn't pay their debts. Slaves did most of the masters work. For example, they worked in mines, on plantations, as servants and some became doctors or poets.

                      So who had it easier as a slave? They probably didn't think that anyone had it easier. the sad truth is that the servants had it easier than people in the mines or in the fields. I don't understand how this could happen to anyone. People thought having slaves was normal and think anything was wrong or bad about it.

                    How did they survive? Their religion with was a mix of African and Christian beliefs. They also used to have their music and their own language. They thought when they died they would go to heaven and that gave them hope.Some tried to get away and thousands did. Harriet Tubman was the slave that started the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. This was not an underground train or subway. It was in fact it was a network of people mostly white. How this worked was that people would hide the slaves in covered wagons and take them to a house at night to the basement where they would sleep.

        Are there still slaves? Yes, in some countries it is still legal such as Africa, Asia and South America. There slaves were captured people or they owed a debt. Historians may disagree with the impact of slavery. I think that it should of never happened it was not right .

Friday, October 19, 2012

Introduction to Ruby

Once upon a time in a magical land far far away there was a boy. Unfortunately this is not a story about that boy or about a princess that lived there. This story is about a frail old woman. Her name is Ruby. The story takes place around 1992. This is only one of her many adventures.
It all starts out when she was just a baby. When she was a baby her family neglected her. When her family brought her home they didn't even put her in a car seat they just sat her up and strapped her in. Then they forgot to bring her inside the home. Once they remembered her they brought her inside.
When she was two her mom ,the Plumber, her dad, the crook, and her brother , the school boy, would always leave in the morning. She didn't have a babysitter, and not because her parents didn't want to pay for one, it's because she didn't want one. Her mom would always leave her a can of Spagetti O's for her for breakfast. Ruby didn't like Spaghetti O's, so in the morning she would make herself a well prepared breakfast. Sometimes it would be pancakes and eggs, other times she would have waffles and a cup of fruit. Ruby had done something that most people don't even do until they are even 30. That was develop a  of style. In other words she was more developed than most five year old children.
When her dad, mom, and brother came home they would treat her like a dog. I'm not saying that they would feed her dog food, I'm saying that they would give her a TV diner. Then they would watch dinner until they fell asleep. They didn't even celebrate her birthday. When she tried to talk to her dad he would just yell at her. One time he got so mad at her he yelled at her until she cried then he locked her in her room. Her room was in her attic...
We have only just began her tale, but it is not long before she finds herself. This is not the end of her journey. I have to leave you now. So please follow along to see how she unlocks and finds her true potential that she will find soon. See you next week.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

my summer vacation in New York

my summer vacation in new york

New York City one of my most favorite places on earth. Every year I and my family got to new York for two weeks to visit my uncle who lives in the borough of queens New York. So we aren’t actually in New York because for one out of the two weeks we drive up and stop at a bunch of cool places like Vermont, Maine Vermont, Pennsylvania, and a ton of cool places and states. Then finally we reach the big apple. Once were in New York the first thing we do is go to my uncle’s apartment then ours. Then this year the first cool thing we did was go to the 9/11 memorial. The next day we went on a huge sail boat to the statue of liberty. Then Wednesday we went to Coney Island and there we went swimming then after swimming we went to the amusement park where they had all sorts of roller coasters that me and my sister went on. The last thing we did was go to the Coney Island freak show which is like a circus then were they breathe fire and swallow swords. Thursday we went to a Broadway show called Firsiberta. Friday we went to the Natural museum of history which was really really cool because when we were there I saw Adam Sandler and got a picture. And on the same day I saw a famous singer called Kane west driving a million dollar car that looked sweet I also got a picture of that. Saturday we went to central park where we went shopping and did a lot of other cool stuff there. Sunday we went to the tenant museum and the high line. On our way back we went to one of the coolest places ever which was called monkey trunks which was pretty much a bunch of zip lines really high up in the woods and over rivers and ponds and stuff. Finally we went to see one of my mom’s friends. And Tuesday we drove home. That is my trip to New York which I think this year was the best. Oh I almost forgot when I was in Virginia we took a cog wheel train up mount Washington which was amazing and I have pictures and videos of the whole thing once we got up to the top we were in a huge cloud which was amazing. Wow do I ever love vacation.     
here is a picture of the city.

Those were a few pictures of the car i saw kanye west driving. the car cost anywhere from 750 thousand to a million dollars it can go up to 215 mph.

Walmart Survival

Today I am going to tell you a story. A story about the time I got lost in Walmart. It was a Saturday afternoon when me and my mom were buying some random stuff for the house. We were walking around and I saw a movie playing in the electronic section, so I started watching it. I was watching it for so long, I didn’t even know my mom had moved on. I got up, and started looking for her. I was looking all over for her, and I couldn’t find her anywhere. Down the twinkie aisle, up the vacuum aisle. I couldn’t find her so I went back to the electronics and continued watching the movie. I knew I couldn’t watch this movie forever. I knew I had to survive....

Journal Log 01- I went to the survivalist aisle. I grabbed a tent, set it up, and made a fire. I knew I had to find food, so I went and got some oreos. I also dragged a matress over from the Home Improvements aisle, and dozed off. When I woke up, I peeked out my tent window, and saw a wild pow (Person Of Walmart). I was so terrified, I froze in my place until it moved. It had a six pack of Mountain Dew, with ten boxes of Twinkies and Doritos. Rolls and rolls of fat on its sides, skinny jeans, backwards hat, and a shirt that read swag, and pants that read on the back... Bootylicious. Now thats a pretty big word, so you can imagine how massive this creature was. It was the most dangerous pow I had ever seen with ten offspring trailing behind it screaming and sampling unwashed grapes. The creature had spotted me. I quickly ducked behind the door. My heart was racing as the creature just stared at me, but luckily it had ignored me, and moved on to the clearance section...

In The Interest Of Time...

Journal Log 02 - It has been twenty-four hours since I last saw civilization. Oreos are running low. I have already encountered five pows, three with offspring. An hour ago I watched a dust bunny frolic across a shelf and thought about how it lived a simple, normal life. I don’t think I can fight on any longer. I just want to give up, but I can’t. If you’re reading this, please send help. I can’t live like this forever...

Journal Log 03 - It has now been thirty-six hours since I last saw my mother. I have been living on a steady diet of pepsi, spray cheese on crackers, and a secret energy drink. I have learned how to trap the pows offsprings with a bag of grapes under a box propped up by a ruler tied to a string. The classic trap of Bear Grylls. The pows, as stupid as they are, run in fear when one of their children is captured. After they are captured, they are put into a Ninja Blender © and pureed into a nutritious drink...

Journal Log 04 - Hour forty-eight I watched  a search party RC Heli fly over. I tried to signal  it, but my little two dollar flashlight had no effect as I waved it in the air. Piece of junk... In other events there was a fire in the store today so it started to rain. There was this horrible screeching sound as men with masks and hoses rushed in and sprayed down the chandelier section. As they were not familiar to me, I hid inside my house that has now fortified by mattresses and flat screen TV’s.

Journal Log 05 - After three weeks of being stranded in Walmart, My mom has finally returned. After almost a month of eating nothing but crackers and Pepsi, I have finally returned home. This experience has taught me absolutely nothing and I never want to go shopping again. Thanks Universe...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pirates rrrrrrrrrrrrr by adrian schmuhl

          There is no tale like a pirate tale. There's no song like a pirate song. There are many songs about pirates. I'm reading a book, TREASURE ISLAND. It is a book about pirates and how a small boy growing up in the 1700s in London, is trying to find a treasure infested island. Pirates used to ride around looking for gold. They road around in large vessals and had large crews of seaman and criminals (most of them being such).
           They would imbark on long journeys to find gold and told tales to entertain (apart from drinking rum). One such tale was "The Flying Dutchman". It was about a greedy ships captian who torchered his crew and such. Till one day they sailed to one part of the watery sea and found themselves in a trap. The captian was encountered with ugly beings that turned him and his crew into ugly, evil, fierce things to roam the waters of the sea forever.
         There is a rumor that stands till this day that if you roam the waters of the sea and see the Flying Dutchmans ship ,you should go the other way. For if you don't, you will become part of his crew.
Now pirates were theves no doubt and hustlers, rustlers and so on. In todays standers, pirates are still around but they steal ships and other things. They are found off the coast of Somalia. In Africa times are hard so some people are bound to be pirates.