Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Adventure at Kings Island

Last Summer, I had one exciting, fun, week down at Cincinnati where I visited my relatives and my Mom’s Dad. We also rode roller coasters at “Kings Island.” Kings island is an awesome place for riding roller coasters, playing games, and getting ripped off!! One of the rides I liked there the most was the “Diamondback”
The Diamondback is of course a snake, but the ride is a highest hill climb in the whole park. I have rode Diamondback A LOT of times. (legitimately 5 times) When you get on the roller coaster, it’s like “Oh Ya, “Lets do this”. But when you get halfway up the chain hill, it’s like, “Get me off now” and you’re really scared. The best spot on the roller coaster is the back. The back of the cart is the best, because you get the most drop and most pull. When I rode it, I asked 2 REALLY fat guys to sit in the front, and they did. It was the best ride of my life with those guys in the front.
Anyways, I liked the other roller coasters too at Kings Island. One of them was called “The Beast” The Beast you guys probably heard of, if you didn’t I’ll tell you. The Beast is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster. It was built a long time ago, and about 10 years ago, they added more to the coaster. The Beast is supposed to be about an animal that lives on the side of the rails. That I kind of believed, and I’m 13 years old.

Kings Island is a night park too. Well kind of, Kings Island closes at 10 at night. (duh) At that time, it's dark out side, which makes coasters fun! The best one at night is "The Beast". The reason why because the roller coaster is in a forest, which makes it all scarey like the beast is hiding in it.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I haven't been to an amusement park in a few years now and I really miss it. I'm hoping when Mila gets older that she likes roller coasters as much as I do so we can ride together. :)

  2. That sounds like fun. I have never heard of this park before in Cincinnati. what you have told me sounds really fun and i think if I'm ever in Cincinnati I would want to go there. The beast also seems cool. I have never been threw the woods on a roller coaster before.

  3. The Beast is a beast! I really like your descriptions, Collin! The story brings me right back to that moment of terror and thrill this past summer :-) If we lived closer to Cincinnati, we could go to the Halloween Haunt at King's Island. That would be an awesome field trip!

  4. I ounce went to a really cool theme park it one in new York at Coney island anyway it was really cool at the theme park I went to although I know for sure it wasn’t as good as yours because the park you went to is among the biggest in the world and mine was big but not even close to as big as yours. But the ride I liked the best was definitely the eagle’s peak. that thing was so cool but my wimp sister was so scared the whole time because what they did is they put you in a little square thing that was straight up with a back on it then you would shimmy in and they would start to bring you up and your little square cart thing would lay flat so it made it seem like you were fling like an eagle then you would go upside down and a ton of cool stuff like that.