Friday, October 19, 2012

Introduction to Ruby

Once upon a time in a magical land far far away there was a boy. Unfortunately this is not a story about that boy or about a princess that lived there. This story is about a frail old woman. Her name is Ruby. The story takes place around 1992. This is only one of her many adventures.
It all starts out when she was just a baby. When she was a baby her family neglected her. When her family brought her home they didn't even put her in a car seat they just sat her up and strapped her in. Then they forgot to bring her inside the home. Once they remembered her they brought her inside.
When she was two her mom ,the Plumber, her dad, the crook, and her brother , the school boy, would always leave in the morning. She didn't have a babysitter, and not because her parents didn't want to pay for one, it's because she didn't want one. Her mom would always leave her a can of Spagetti O's for her for breakfast. Ruby didn't like Spaghetti O's, so in the morning she would make herself a well prepared breakfast. Sometimes it would be pancakes and eggs, other times she would have waffles and a cup of fruit. Ruby had done something that most people don't even do until they are even 30. That was develop a  of style. In other words she was more developed than most five year old children.
When her dad, mom, and brother came home they would treat her like a dog. I'm not saying that they would feed her dog food, I'm saying that they would give her a TV diner. Then they would watch dinner until they fell asleep. They didn't even celebrate her birthday. When she tried to talk to her dad he would just yell at her. One time he got so mad at her he yelled at her until she cried then he locked her in her room. Her room was in her attic...
We have only just began her tale, but it is not long before she finds herself. This is not the end of her journey. I have to leave you now. So please follow along to see how she unlocks and finds her true potential that she will find soon. See you next week.
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  1. WOW austen good story very creative i like how you eplained eveything in pretty good detail. utwhy so mean): jk good job.

  2. I look forward to hearing what's next for Ruby!

  3. How do you people think stuff stuff like that. It was a weird but interesting story. good job