Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Day With Dad

Now, where were we. Oh, yes we had just scratched the surface about Ruby. Today we might find her potential. We also will learn about her family's jobs and positions.

Her dad is a Crook, he is also not the brightest Crook. His name is Mickey. This week he is posing as a cars salesman and will be selling  misrepresented cars. Lets take a look.
“Hey Kids I have a surprise for you”, said Mickey, “you get to come to work with me, yayyy.” “NOW GET IN THE CAR!”
“Alright here we are.”
“Dad, what are we going to do?” Asked Ruby.
“Well first we are going to show you how to “repair” a car that I got for $200.” told Mickey. “First you go in the dashboard and find a wire that hooks up to the Odometer then you put it in the drill and turn it backwards. Then when they look at the car they think there are not any miles on it when there is really 100,000 miles on the car. Then you give it a brand new finish and it looks good as new. Then we sell it for $2,000.”
“But Daddy that is illegal.” Said Ruby
What can I say I told you that he was a crook. But he is not a very good one and here is what happened to the person who bought this car. The man’s name is Richard Silvercaster, he belongs to the Chicago Mafia. He doesn’t just belong to it he is the head of it...
“Hello I would like to bye a car form you” complied Mr. Silvercaster.
(Car When Sold)
“Well, you know what, today is your lucky day. I have just the right car for you. It is right here...” Returned Mickey.
“PERFECT!” Answered Mr. Silvercaster.
The next day the man returned the car but this time it was shiny and not at all rusty. Also this time it had bullet holes in the back. This is what happened that day while Ruby and her brother were at home fighting.
“Take the car just take it I do not want it any more you can keep it, impound it or do anything else with it just take it, put i would prefer it if you impounded the car.”

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