Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The life of slave times

                                                              The Life In Slave Times

                      Slavery started when farming started because farming had the advantage of putting their prisoners of war to work for them. People who were slaves were people who were captured in the war, criminals or sometimes people who couldn't pay their debts. Slaves did most of the masters work. For example, they worked in mines, on plantations, as servants and some became doctors or poets.

                      So who had it easier as a slave? They probably didn't think that anyone had it easier. the sad truth is that the servants had it easier than people in the mines or in the fields. I don't understand how this could happen to anyone. People thought having slaves was normal and think anything was wrong or bad about it.

                    How did they survive? Their religion with was a mix of African and Christian beliefs. They also used to have their music and their own language. They thought when they died they would go to heaven and that gave them hope.Some tried to get away and thousands did. Harriet Tubman was the slave that started the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. This was not an underground train or subway. It was in fact it was a network of people mostly white. How this worked was that people would hide the slaves in covered wagons and take them to a house at night to the basement where they would sleep.

        Are there still slaves? Yes, in some countries it is still legal such as Africa, Asia and South America. There slaves were captured people or they owed a debt. Historians may disagree with the impact of slavery. I think that it should of never happened it was not right .


  1. Very interesting, Adrian. This is a sad topic to write about and it's hard to believe that there are still so many countries that openly use slaves.

  2. I bet if you lived during the days of the Underground Railroad, you would have helped the slaves and allowed them to hide in your house.