Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pirates rrrrrrrrrrrrr by adrian schmuhl

          There is no tale like a pirate tale. There's no song like a pirate song. There are many songs about pirates. I'm reading a book, TREASURE ISLAND. It is a book about pirates and how a small boy growing up in the 1700s in London, is trying to find a treasure infested island. Pirates used to ride around looking for gold. They road around in large vessals and had large crews of seaman and criminals (most of them being such).
           They would imbark on long journeys to find gold and told tales to entertain (apart from drinking rum). One such tale was "The Flying Dutchman". It was about a greedy ships captian who torchered his crew and such. Till one day they sailed to one part of the watery sea and found themselves in a trap. The captian was encountered with ugly beings that turned him and his crew into ugly, evil, fierce things to roam the waters of the sea forever.
         There is a rumor that stands till this day that if you roam the waters of the sea and see the Flying Dutchmans ship ,you should go the other way. For if you don't, you will become part of his crew.
Now pirates were theves no doubt and hustlers, rustlers and so on. In todays standers, pirates are still around but they steal ships and other things. They are found off the coast of Somalia. In Africa times are hard so some people are bound to be pirates.


  1. Do you ever wonder why pirates are so glamorous in movies but so evil in history books? I wonder why they have such conflicting images.

  2. I would like to explain my thoughts no the latest posted blog, Pirates rrrrrrrrrrrrr by Adrian Schmuhl. This blog I believe is very interesting. I like how Adrian tells the different stories in the book, but also includes some real facts about pirates today. He includes in his last paragraph facts about pirates and why people become pirates. This blog was both entertaining, but also informal. I think he did a great job with this post. Also, I would like to comment to him that he did a nice job with spelling and capitalization.

  3. Nice job, it was good but it could always be better. Also we are in 8th grade not collage. I like that was a great post! :D

  4. nice job adrian i like how you told the story of the dutch mans ship. very creative i also liked the facts about pirates in this day and age. Good job.