Thursday, October 18, 2012

my summer vacation in New York

my summer vacation in new york

New York City one of my most favorite places on earth. Every year I and my family got to new York for two weeks to visit my uncle who lives in the borough of queens New York. So we aren’t actually in New York because for one out of the two weeks we drive up and stop at a bunch of cool places like Vermont, Maine Vermont, Pennsylvania, and a ton of cool places and states. Then finally we reach the big apple. Once were in New York the first thing we do is go to my uncle’s apartment then ours. Then this year the first cool thing we did was go to the 9/11 memorial. The next day we went on a huge sail boat to the statue of liberty. Then Wednesday we went to Coney Island and there we went swimming then after swimming we went to the amusement park where they had all sorts of roller coasters that me and my sister went on. The last thing we did was go to the Coney Island freak show which is like a circus then were they breathe fire and swallow swords. Thursday we went to a Broadway show called Firsiberta. Friday we went to the Natural museum of history which was really really cool because when we were there I saw Adam Sandler and got a picture. And on the same day I saw a famous singer called Kane west driving a million dollar car that looked sweet I also got a picture of that. Saturday we went to central park where we went shopping and did a lot of other cool stuff there. Sunday we went to the tenant museum and the high line. On our way back we went to one of the coolest places ever which was called monkey trunks which was pretty much a bunch of zip lines really high up in the woods and over rivers and ponds and stuff. Finally we went to see one of my mom’s friends. And Tuesday we drove home. That is my trip to New York which I think this year was the best. Oh I almost forgot when I was in Virginia we took a cog wheel train up mount Washington which was amazing and I have pictures and videos of the whole thing once we got up to the top we were in a huge cloud which was amazing. Wow do I ever love vacation.     
here is a picture of the city.

Those were a few pictures of the car i saw kanye west driving. the car cost anywhere from 750 thousand to a million dollars it can go up to 215 mph.


  1. This is awesome can you bring me there some time, it looks really fun and can I have that car! great Job Alex :-D

  2. Very cool, Alex. That does sound very exciting! I went to New York about five years ago and I absolutely loved it!

  3. Ok, you got to meet Adam Sandler and got a pic with him.... I'm jealous

  4. Ok, you got to meet Adam Sandler and got a pic with him.... I'm jealous

  5. That car is sweet. If i ever get a car like that i have accomplished my life dreams. Just think, Cody Sandleback in a half a million car! that would be amazing. I also think you should bring in that pic to show the class.