Monday, May 20, 2013



I can’t wait for summer! I do so many fun things like camping and baseball. I also go swim. My favorite thing is swimming because I pretty much live in the dells in the summer and I love wake boarding. My dad has a camper in the dells that is a seasonal. My mom has a camper that she pulls around. I like both but I get bored of staying in one place all the time with my dad. My mom is more fun because I love going to Door County. I always get these twin cherry’s. I like wake boarding because it is easy and my favorite sport in the winter is snowboarding. I don’t like camping but it is more fun than sitting at home. Baseball is my favorite sport. I love playing and I play catcher and outfield. I like baseball and Cody is the best pitcher ever! I love playing baseball but it can be hard sometimes. I go to so many things in the dells I love it there. I go to Noah's ark all the time and Mount Olympus but is not as fun as when I was a kid. I go to Moose Jaw a lot too. It is really good pizza and soda. The only down fall is there is no Internet there but there's a lot everywhere else around there so you can pick something up to use. I swim a lot in the summer and go out on the river. I wish we had a boat but I can use my uncles all the time anyway. Every year I have friends in Canada come down and stay in the dells for a week. I go back and forth between my moms and dads. I like going to Door County because I Know the owners of and they are my age. We make a awesome fort in the back o the campground and go fishing. That is what I do in the summer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gone fishing

Gone Fishing
The most exciting time of the year is coming... summer. It’s not just about summer, it’s about what’s in your summer book. In my book, it’s fishing. Fishing is a great time during summer because the fish are awake, they’re not slow, and they can put up a fight!
I have been fishing for as long as I can remember! It’s fun getting out on the water because you can enjoy nature and the water. It gets boring after awhile after catching no fish. But when you see that pole bend, all sadness goes away, and all you think about is that fish coming out of the water.
Have you ever wondered how to catch a  fish? There are multiple ways to catch a fish. If you’re going for panfish, (bluegill, crappie, perch etc.) the old traditional way is the bobber and the worm on a hook. If you want to go a little bit extreme, you can go for bass. Bass are the most popular fish to go fishing for. There are three types of bass - largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and striped bass. An important secret for small mouth is getting up to a rocky area with a jig. Jig along the bottom of the lake, in a distinctive way. The biggest secret is getting up to that weed line. That’s where all fish like to hang out.  
Largemouth like to hang out basically anywhere, from rocks, trees under water, weeds, and right by your peir too. Largemouth really like shad raps during the summer time. They also adore jigs, and softs. If you want them to go absolutely nuts, use the almighty live bait. Largemouth go nuts over the smell that live creatures give off. Nightcrawlers are the best bet  to winning in fishing.
I hope you learned some stuff and secrets about fishing, and techniques. You got to remember that fishing takes patience and confidence. If you want to learn more, go out fishing, and explore what you can find.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dude You Are Only 12!

I don't know what happened, I just woke up in a hospital  Nobody would tell me what happened, I couldn't talk but I could see my family crying. Was I dead? Was I in a coma? I could tell you more but you should probably hear the beginning before you know more about what happened next, so lets begin. I was 18 years old, a senior in high school and a possible Freshman at UW Madison. I couldn't be more happy with my life I had strait A's a 5.1 GPA no enemies only friends. It started out as an average day by driving to school with a smile on my face and school in my brain. Although I had good grades I hated school and that day I went to the hospital I just happened to be at t he peak of eagerness. My last class before the lunch bell rang and I could get out and feel the air blow through my hair and smell the fresh cut grass as if I were on a brand new golf course. It just so happened that out of all the classes it was this class that went the slowest but luckily that bell rang just when I was about to go stir crazy. I ran through the hallways sprinting to the parking lot to get in my car and something was odd, my car wasn't there. From a distance I herd a loud screeching sound and a car that looked exactly like mine pulled up on a drift when I realized not only that was my, not only were the keys in my pocket, but the person in my car was only 12 years old. The kid told me to hop in so I did out of curiosity. The kid never talked to me that whole drive until we pulled up into a strange place that was flashing and brighter than the lights at a carnival at midnight. He looked happy so I went along with it. Then it hit me, this was a drift race but with no rules anything is legal  We watched guys go fast but we also watched some guys get hurt and before I knew it was our turn to race. I didn't put up a fight because this kid seemed to know a lot about driving so I just stayed quiet and enjoyed the ride. We were 1 mile away from the finish line when the car next to us crashed into us at 120 MPH. All I remember is us flipping in the air. I could hear the crunch from the car and the gasps of horror from the people that saw it. Now this leads us to the beginning of my story how I just woke up in a hospital  Nobody would tell me what happened, I couldn't talk but I could see my family crying and mourning my thoughts were,"Am I dead? Am I in a coma?" I woke up from what seemed like a week long I looked at the time it was 3 am. I looked at the flowers and balloons that wished me well they were out energy and flat. I looked at my wrist band and the year was 3011, To be continued.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Journy of Thomas

Thomas is always helpful!
         Long long ago there was a boy named Thomas. Thomas was only 3 years old when he was introduced with an evil thing called war. Thomas wanted no more war, he just couldn’t seem to grasp the point of war. He did not see why anyone would want to harm each other. He did all he could to stop war, but yet every morning when he woke up and looked out the window, all he saw was war. By the time he was 7, he was trying to get people to lead a peaceful rebellion against this war! Still, this war was still raging over whether or not the kingdom should keep their king. Eventually the war ended, and Thomas rejoiced with all his friends and family. He still felt bad about not helping the war end. Thomas lived a happy life with no war until 6 years later, when the kingdom citizens wanted a new king. Thomas was only 13, so he had a hard time getting adults to try and stop the war. Weeks later Thomas finally got 20 people to join! He decided that it was just enough people to start this up. Thomas and his group marched down the street and shouted, “No more War!” After hours Thomas was already up to almost 50 people! 100! 200! 300! Thomas couldn’t even believe his eyes! The group of citizens marched into the castle and straight to the king. “You must stop this war!” shouted Thomas to the king. “I will not stop this war if it means that I cannot be king!” exclaimed the king. Suddenly the king pointed at Thomas and his group and the guards charged at them. Thomas was filled with fear, he had not the slightest clue what to do! Thomas turned around and in his sight was everything he had hoped would never happen, his group was fighting. Innocent people were going to get hurt, Thomas could not that this happen. He shouted stop as loud as he possibly could, and to his amazement everyone stopped! Thomas was thinking about what to say next, and then he thought of a great idea. “We will vote to keep our king!” Thomas shouted. The guards and everyone else was thinking about this, and they agreed with Thomas! The next morning the citizens voted on whether or not to keep this king. Thomas lay in bed thinking about the previous day and how great it went. His mother and father were so proud of him! As he lay there he noticed that the ceiling was shaking. Thomas sat up with a look of confusion on his face. Without warning the ceiling blew to pieces! Thomas went tumbling down onto the floor, and rolled under his bed. Down through the ceiling came a strange looking structure with a spinning blade floating in the air. It was a helicopter, but poor Thomas had no clue what it was! A man jumped out and grabbed Thomas. Thomas struggled to get away, and tried to run. Soon he was tackled onto the ground and knocked out. Thomas had no clue how long he had been out, and no clue where he was. He looked around, and found that he was in a forest. He was happy to find that there was not the weird thing with spinning blades by him. He got up and walked for a while. Soon he reached a road. This road seemed strange looking to Thomas, but he decided to follow it. Eventually he reached some HUGE buildings that looked very weird. Thomas wondered where he was, but little did he know it was 2013! He wandered over to a man and asked where he was. The man answered that he was in Chicago. Chicago? Thomas had no clue what Chicago was. Next Thomas asked what the date was. His answer was 2013. 2013!?!?! Suddenly a thought crossed Thomas’s mind. Did he come to the future? He had to have, there was no way this was the same time period! Thomas’s hands got cold, so he put them into his pocket. In his pocket he felt a small piece of paper. He pulled it out and read: Dear Thomas, we are very pleased with your work in the kingdom. Due to your great work, we have decided we could use this work in the future. Yes thats right, the future. If you can stop a war in a kingdom, you can probably help lots in the future. Yes, you will have to adjust quite a lot to understand how things work in the future. I do believe you will greatly enjoy TV and video games. You will find your mother and father in Chicago, and they will no nothing about the past. You go to school, and you are a great boy. I know you will definitely prove your skills here, and I can’t wait to watch you help the world.

           The Peace Makers

      “I am a peace maker!” Thomas exclaimed to himself. He walked around the city looking at all of the new wonders of the future. Thomas walked and walked just thinking about all the helpful things he planned to do in this new time, he knew he was placed on this Earth to do good.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hours and hours!

             Hours and Hours!                                                                                                   

If you could change the length of the day what would you do? Then would you make it shorter or longer or both? First let's talk about if I would actually change the hours of the day if I could. That would be an easy yes. Why would I not want to? Because if I didn't want to change the day I could just leave it be but if I did then I could change it whenever I wanted. How would I change it? Well it would all depend on the day. Some days, if it was a really bad day, I would make the day really short two hours long. But then if I was having a good day then I would make it last like 48 hours. So somedays would be really long and some would be really short that way I could have a lot of free time in my life. If I could change just certain hours so that some were long and some were short. That would be amazing! The periods I hate (like math) go by really fast and then the periods that I like (which is just about every other period except math) would be super long. Especially English and tech Ed now that would be the coolest thing ever. Every day could be a great day if we could all do this. Well never mind that could if we could all do this time would be seriously messed up. Some people would want the day to be two others other would want it to be 75 hours, then the world would have some serious problems. Unless it only worked for the person who wished for it for a certain time. Wait never mind that wouldn't work.  I guess there could only be one person with this amazing gift.
The hours going by longer and shorter.

When Hector Sanders Turned!

Hello, my name is Sam Hebbe and it turned out that I was a witness of a  crime recently and the police told me to write out what happened............ it was a sunny day, about as normal as they could get, but there was this weird sense in the air that just didn't seem right. It was almost as if we were watching a scary movie and you could sense that something weird was about to happen… well it was kind of the same feeling. I had just took out my trash and Hector came and chucked the garbage all over my head. I don’t know what you have in your garbage but I just killed a deer so the guts were inside the garbage.  It was disgusting. Hector just laughed and started to egg my house. I didn't do anything about it because it was like Hector to do anything like that! I was in shock.  When my senses started to come back I started to run at him and cursed at him to stop. He didn't. He just ran away and somewhere he got a bean bag chair. He then ripped it open and started running around my lawn  dropping the bean bag stuffing everywhere. I was still in shock because it still didn't seem like himself. I then ran back inside and called the police. When I was on the phone I told them what happened and looked out the window. I saw Hector toilet papering my tree. He looked at me and threw his last toilet paper roll. He still had a grin on his face, and at that moment he pulled out his knife and started cutting all my trees. He kept cutting them really bad and I finally got sick of it. I went to my gun safe and pulled out my shotgun. I then ran for the door. When he first saw me with the shotgun he froze. But then he kept on cutting the trees. I then pulled up my gun and shot it two times at the sky. He finally got that I wasn't joking around with him and ran. Then the cops showed up and that's where I am now.

X- box

The X-box is a good gaming council and is very nice.It has many games out there. There are games for all ages and they are not all bad. The games are a little expensive they are like 50 to 60 dollars. I have an X-box of my own. It is very nice it is a good birthday present or Christmas gift. they are good and you can use them for  a long time. I have had mine for 2 years and they are still making games for it. Unlike with the wii they made games for maybe a year. They still make games but not as many as they did in the first year.   The wii is ok but if you liked the ps2 you will like the x-box. I like the x-box better than  the wii because i like holding the controller better than that one for the wii. I think that the X-box is nice because with the X-box you can talk to people and play online with people that you don't know.  The x-box is cool and has many things like you can go on the internet and go on youtube.Many of your friends have X-box you should get one too you can talk to them after school and if you forgot your home work you can ask them the only bad thing is you can talk to people that you don't now. That can be a good thing and  a bad thing one good thing is you can make friends and the other bad thing is you have now idea how the person is and how old they are. The x-box live is a thing of its own and cost money every year and it is like 50 bucks a year.  The x-box is a good gaming council like i said there are many console but this is the best gaming console out there i think. other people may have a different opinion but this is nice and it is easy to use. I think you should get a gaming console to play on and the X-box is the best.

Paco the Taco

Paco The Taco
There once was a taco he seemed like an average taco and probably was one of the most popular taco at his old school. The taco’s name was Paco. Paco felt that his old school you could be free without people passing judgment before getting to know you. Everyone could be who they are. This all changed when he moved to his new school that he had moved away from because of bullies in the past.
On the day that paco moved he had to wake up bright and early and was very excited yet frightened of being bullied because he was a taco and was not like the others. Paco took some time to think and realised it would be okay I will blend in for a while. Paco came with a great attitude of fitting in and the first day was a piece of cake and thought he could do this for awhile.
3 years past and life was great, but not for Paco. Paco was becoming older and so were his surroundings. He realized that as you get older people tend to become more mean in some ways and take matters in their own hands. Paco was playing in the playground and he was approached by 3 kids and was called crude names by these kids such as a softy and this happened over and over again eventually Paco could not take it so he asked why they were doing that and they simply said that it was because Paco was a taco with Provolone the Grilled the Cheese had Cheddar cheese but Paco didn't realize this so he left.
Paco returned three years later and was strong minded and ready to stand up for himself and the Grilled Cheese cam up and called him a softy and how he looked stupid with his taco cheese. Paoc realized something so he said to them,” What is the difference between you and me i'm just a taco all I have is fried bread and a different kind of cheese, you have cheese in you just not the same you see? We are the same we are both equal and living things and you can’t change that.” Grilled Cheese stopped and Paco did not have any more problems.