Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Journy of Thomas

Thomas is always helpful!
         Long long ago there was a boy named Thomas. Thomas was only 3 years old when he was introduced with an evil thing called war. Thomas wanted no more war, he just couldn’t seem to grasp the point of war. He did not see why anyone would want to harm each other. He did all he could to stop war, but yet every morning when he woke up and looked out the window, all he saw was war. By the time he was 7, he was trying to get people to lead a peaceful rebellion against this war! Still, this war was still raging over whether or not the kingdom should keep their king. Eventually the war ended, and Thomas rejoiced with all his friends and family. He still felt bad about not helping the war end. Thomas lived a happy life with no war until 6 years later, when the kingdom citizens wanted a new king. Thomas was only 13, so he had a hard time getting adults to try and stop the war. Weeks later Thomas finally got 20 people to join! He decided that it was just enough people to start this up. Thomas and his group marched down the street and shouted, “No more War!” After hours Thomas was already up to almost 50 people! 100! 200! 300! Thomas couldn’t even believe his eyes! The group of citizens marched into the castle and straight to the king. “You must stop this war!” shouted Thomas to the king. “I will not stop this war if it means that I cannot be king!” exclaimed the king. Suddenly the king pointed at Thomas and his group and the guards charged at them. Thomas was filled with fear, he had not the slightest clue what to do! Thomas turned around and in his sight was everything he had hoped would never happen, his group was fighting. Innocent people were going to get hurt, Thomas could not that this happen. He shouted stop as loud as he possibly could, and to his amazement everyone stopped! Thomas was thinking about what to say next, and then he thought of a great idea. “We will vote to keep our king!” Thomas shouted. The guards and everyone else was thinking about this, and they agreed with Thomas! The next morning the citizens voted on whether or not to keep this king. Thomas lay in bed thinking about the previous day and how great it went. His mother and father were so proud of him! As he lay there he noticed that the ceiling was shaking. Thomas sat up with a look of confusion on his face. Without warning the ceiling blew to pieces! Thomas went tumbling down onto the floor, and rolled under his bed. Down through the ceiling came a strange looking structure with a spinning blade floating in the air. It was a helicopter, but poor Thomas had no clue what it was! A man jumped out and grabbed Thomas. Thomas struggled to get away, and tried to run. Soon he was tackled onto the ground and knocked out. Thomas had no clue how long he had been out, and no clue where he was. He looked around, and found that he was in a forest. He was happy to find that there was not the weird thing with spinning blades by him. He got up and walked for a while. Soon he reached a road. This road seemed strange looking to Thomas, but he decided to follow it. Eventually he reached some HUGE buildings that looked very weird. Thomas wondered where he was, but little did he know it was 2013! He wandered over to a man and asked where he was. The man answered that he was in Chicago. Chicago? Thomas had no clue what Chicago was. Next Thomas asked what the date was. His answer was 2013. 2013!?!?! Suddenly a thought crossed Thomas’s mind. Did he come to the future? He had to have, there was no way this was the same time period! Thomas’s hands got cold, so he put them into his pocket. In his pocket he felt a small piece of paper. He pulled it out and read: Dear Thomas, we are very pleased with your work in the kingdom. Due to your great work, we have decided we could use this work in the future. Yes thats right, the future. If you can stop a war in a kingdom, you can probably help lots in the future. Yes, you will have to adjust quite a lot to understand how things work in the future. I do believe you will greatly enjoy TV and video games. You will find your mother and father in Chicago, and they will no nothing about the past. You go to school, and you are a great boy. I know you will definitely prove your skills here, and I can’t wait to watch you help the world.

           The Peace Makers

      “I am a peace maker!” Thomas exclaimed to himself. He walked around the city looking at all of the new wonders of the future. Thomas walked and walked just thinking about all the helpful things he planned to do in this new time, he knew he was placed on this Earth to do good.

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