Thursday, May 2, 2013

X- box

The X-box is a good gaming council and is very nice.It has many games out there. There are games for all ages and they are not all bad. The games are a little expensive they are like 50 to 60 dollars. I have an X-box of my own. It is very nice it is a good birthday present or Christmas gift. they are good and you can use them for  a long time. I have had mine for 2 years and they are still making games for it. Unlike with the wii they made games for maybe a year. They still make games but not as many as they did in the first year.   The wii is ok but if you liked the ps2 you will like the x-box. I like the x-box better than  the wii because i like holding the controller better than that one for the wii. I think that the X-box is nice because with the X-box you can talk to people and play online with people that you don't know.  The x-box is cool and has many things like you can go on the internet and go on youtube.Many of your friends have X-box you should get one too you can talk to them after school and if you forgot your home work you can ask them the only bad thing is you can talk to people that you don't now. That can be a good thing and  a bad thing one good thing is you can make friends and the other bad thing is you have now idea how the person is and how old they are. The x-box live is a thing of its own and cost money every year and it is like 50 bucks a year.  The x-box is a good gaming council like i said there are many console but this is the best gaming console out there i think. other people may have a different opinion but this is nice and it is easy to use. I think you should get a gaming console to play on and the X-box is the best.


  1. This was one of our projects for science.

  2. your xbox will not live forever, because you will get the ring of death.