Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dude You Are Only 12!

I don't know what happened, I just woke up in a hospital  Nobody would tell me what happened, I couldn't talk but I could see my family crying. Was I dead? Was I in a coma? I could tell you more but you should probably hear the beginning before you know more about what happened next, so lets begin. I was 18 years old, a senior in high school and a possible Freshman at UW Madison. I couldn't be more happy with my life I had strait A's a 5.1 GPA no enemies only friends. It started out as an average day by driving to school with a smile on my face and school in my brain. Although I had good grades I hated school and that day I went to the hospital I just happened to be at t he peak of eagerness. My last class before the lunch bell rang and I could get out and feel the air blow through my hair and smell the fresh cut grass as if I were on a brand new golf course. It just so happened that out of all the classes it was this class that went the slowest but luckily that bell rang just when I was about to go stir crazy. I ran through the hallways sprinting to the parking lot to get in my car and something was odd, my car wasn't there. From a distance I herd a loud screeching sound and a car that looked exactly like mine pulled up on a drift when I realized not only that was my, not only were the keys in my pocket, but the person in my car was only 12 years old. The kid told me to hop in so I did out of curiosity. The kid never talked to me that whole drive until we pulled up into a strange place that was flashing and brighter than the lights at a carnival at midnight. He looked happy so I went along with it. Then it hit me, this was a drift race but with no rules anything is legal  We watched guys go fast but we also watched some guys get hurt and before I knew it was our turn to race. I didn't put up a fight because this kid seemed to know a lot about driving so I just stayed quiet and enjoyed the ride. We were 1 mile away from the finish line when the car next to us crashed into us at 120 MPH. All I remember is us flipping in the air. I could hear the crunch from the car and the gasps of horror from the people that saw it. Now this leads us to the beginning of my story how I just woke up in a hospital  Nobody would tell me what happened, I couldn't talk but I could see my family crying and mourning my thoughts were,"Am I dead? Am I in a coma?" I woke up from what seemed like a week long I looked at the time it was 3 am. I looked at the flowers and balloons that wished me well they were out energy and flat. I looked at my wrist band and the year was 3011, To be continued.