Thursday, May 2, 2013

Paco the Taco

Paco The Taco
There once was a taco he seemed like an average taco and probably was one of the most popular taco at his old school. The taco’s name was Paco. Paco felt that his old school you could be free without people passing judgment before getting to know you. Everyone could be who they are. This all changed when he moved to his new school that he had moved away from because of bullies in the past.
On the day that paco moved he had to wake up bright and early and was very excited yet frightened of being bullied because he was a taco and was not like the others. Paco took some time to think and realised it would be okay I will blend in for a while. Paco came with a great attitude of fitting in and the first day was a piece of cake and thought he could do this for awhile.
3 years past and life was great, but not for Paco. Paco was becoming older and so were his surroundings. He realized that as you get older people tend to become more mean in some ways and take matters in their own hands. Paco was playing in the playground and he was approached by 3 kids and was called crude names by these kids such as a softy and this happened over and over again eventually Paco could not take it so he asked why they were doing that and they simply said that it was because Paco was a taco with Provolone the Grilled the Cheese had Cheddar cheese but Paco didn't realize this so he left.
Paco returned three years later and was strong minded and ready to stand up for himself and the Grilled Cheese cam up and called him a softy and how he looked stupid with his taco cheese. Paoc realized something so he said to them,” What is the difference between you and me i'm just a taco all I have is fried bread and a different kind of cheese, you have cheese in you just not the same you see? We are the same we are both equal and living things and you can’t change that.” Grilled Cheese stopped and Paco did not have any more problems.

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