Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hours and hours!

             Hours and Hours!                                                                                                   

If you could change the length of the day what would you do? Then would you make it shorter or longer or both? First let's talk about if I would actually change the hours of the day if I could. That would be an easy yes. Why would I not want to? Because if I didn't want to change the day I could just leave it be but if I did then I could change it whenever I wanted. How would I change it? Well it would all depend on the day. Some days, if it was a really bad day, I would make the day really short two hours long. But then if I was having a good day then I would make it last like 48 hours. So somedays would be really long and some would be really short that way I could have a lot of free time in my life. If I could change just certain hours so that some were long and some were short. That would be amazing! The periods I hate (like math) go by really fast and then the periods that I like (which is just about every other period except math) would be super long. Especially English and tech Ed now that would be the coolest thing ever. Every day could be a great day if we could all do this. Well never mind that could if we could all do this time would be seriously messed up. Some people would want the day to be two others other would want it to be 75 hours, then the world would have some serious problems. Unless it only worked for the person who wished for it for a certain time. Wait never mind that wouldn't work.  I guess there could only be one person with this amazing gift.
The hours going by longer and shorter.

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