Thursday, May 2, 2013

When Hector Sanders Turned!

Hello, my name is Sam Hebbe and it turned out that I was a witness of a  crime recently and the police told me to write out what happened............ it was a sunny day, about as normal as they could get, but there was this weird sense in the air that just didn't seem right. It was almost as if we were watching a scary movie and you could sense that something weird was about to happen… well it was kind of the same feeling. I had just took out my trash and Hector came and chucked the garbage all over my head. I don’t know what you have in your garbage but I just killed a deer so the guts were inside the garbage.  It was disgusting. Hector just laughed and started to egg my house. I didn't do anything about it because it was like Hector to do anything like that! I was in shock.  When my senses started to come back I started to run at him and cursed at him to stop. He didn't. He just ran away and somewhere he got a bean bag chair. He then ripped it open and started running around my lawn  dropping the bean bag stuffing everywhere. I was still in shock because it still didn't seem like himself. I then ran back inside and called the police. When I was on the phone I told them what happened and looked out the window. I saw Hector toilet papering my tree. He looked at me and threw his last toilet paper roll. He still had a grin on his face, and at that moment he pulled out his knife and started cutting all my trees. He kept cutting them really bad and I finally got sick of it. I went to my gun safe and pulled out my shotgun. I then ran for the door. When he first saw me with the shotgun he froze. But then he kept on cutting the trees. I then pulled up my gun and shot it two times at the sky. He finally got that I wasn't joking around with him and ran. Then the cops showed up and that's where I am now.

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