Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have thought about this and there are many great singer songwriters out there. they may not be from the same genre but they are all good . Also it depends on the type of music that you are interested in. There are also many different genres out there like the pop,country, hip hop, the 60,70,80 and the 90. all music is good but people have their favorites. Also when you think about it all comes from the same groups of people they are writers.

   the series of thing music goes through.
The music has a process and it starts with the writing part of it can take a 1 to 2 months to come up with a song after that it goes on to the singer and they sing it and then make changes to their voice and the song. Then it goes back to the writer and he approves it then it goes on the radio, itunes or amazon to get sold. Also they have to put a copyright on it so it doesn't get stolen. Artists can  maybe get  1 or 2 songs a year because that is how long it takes to get it wrote sold and recorded.  

When the songs get to the radio station they have to be approved and if there is a swear word or some thing bad they need to change it up but make it sound the same. Then they have to put it into the Cd and get it on the radio. Then after the song has been played so much they have to take it off and put another song in and if  a new one comes out before old one comes out they find the song that is not liked as much and put the new one in for the one that was less liked.

when the writer runs out of ideas they go to the singer and ask them if they have any ideas and then if they don't have any they read thru it and come up with lyrics. that is how the music industry works.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Commander Sander's Tales-Part 3

Captain Slothatron
Blog Entry #6: Celebrating today. The whole day. I will have to tell the story of how I defeated Captain Cat over and over again. I don’t mind though, it’s nice to have all the attention. Lt. Flufferson did a lot of help too. He will definitely be awarded some type of medal. We will be hosting a ceremony on my ship, and half the crew will celebrate with Lt. Flufferson on Captain Cats Ship, which was renamed to the Flufferson Flyer. Great name, I know. I was hoping it would be named after me, I mean, I am the leader. I guess one ship named after me is enough though. Lt. Flufferson did help a lot after all. We will need to scan the ship though to check for traps or parts that need to be fixed. For now, celebrate!!!

Blog Entry #7: First week of leading the ship, and we have already taken down a big enemy. Today was mostly spent repairing the new ship and making it all ready to fly. No traps, thankfully. Although one recruit sloth thought it would be funny to turn off one engine on the left wing so that the ship would fly around in circles. The right engine was run to much and started on fire. The recruit was punished, but he deserved it. I’m not sure who to attack next. It could be another one of my greatest enemies. His name is, Slothatron.

Blog Entry #8: We had a meeting today. I mentioned my thoughts on attacking Slothatron to the group. Most of the members agreed that Slothatron is a big enemy that needs to be taken down. The most challenging thing about this battle is that Slothatron doesn’t even use a ship. Well he does use ships, just not a main large one. He flies in space himself without even using a ship, as you can see in the picture above of him. Lots of the members of his army use small, fast, and agile ships, which will make them harder targets to hit. We will have to maneuver our main 2 ships very skillfully in order to take town the army of Slothatron. I believe we can do it, with the right amount of teamwork, skills, and weapons. This is a battle that Slothatron will not win!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Giant Puss Sack

Made By Sam Hebbe
One day at work I was at my usual pace of speed when my college assistant ran in burnt down the door with the emergency flamethrower and she yells at me saying,"We got a ten sixty nine we need you stat!" I run into the emergency room seeing a girl with the biggest most horrific thing I had ever seen. The toe was so purple and brown and it had inflamed to the size of an average laptop. When I took off her sock yellow puss just started spewing everywhere. We sedated her with chloroform. Next was the tricky part my assistant is supposed to cut it open but just drawing where we had to cut made her instantly vomit I knew at that time it was up to me. At first I didn't know how to approach it but then I realized I just had to cut it open. The first slice with the scalpel was okay but then we found out there was another layer the substance was almost like fresh cow dung, so I cut into that. Then out came the puss it was just spewing and squirting everywhere once again in fact some even went into my mouth. Long story short we got her a fake toe and we finally got all the puke and puss cleaned up but after the surgery the girl asked," Didn't that just gross you out weren't you shocked at the size of my toe?" I want to say yes but I knew I couldn't because i'm a real man so I said the thing that was most manly and this is what I said to her," Of course not i'm a scientist!" She insisted I was a doctor but I threatened to make her pass out then tie to a street sign with the big puss, toe sack over her head. Guess what I got to do that day? Make a girl pass out then tie her to a street sign with the big puss, toe sack over her head.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trolling on the future journal intro

The Real Story of 2012

Everything you have ever learned about 2012 is a lie and that none of you, are really humans at all. What you are about read is the truth. The horrific day where billions of people were killed and not a single trace was left, but us. If you are reading this, you must tell others about the real story! Everyone must know what they did to us, and to you. You are all descendants of an alien hybrid race. It started as a top secret project in the Ural Mountains Between Russia and the United States of America. The project was called Project Vita. It was our first attempt of making our first contact with another alien race. On December 11th we finally made contact. They told us that they were sent to help us, and that our planet was was kept the universe balanced. They told us we were in danger, but never what we were in danger from. The news was still not released into the media yet though. It was still a secret until the 18th of December, three days before they arrived. The whole world was in joy that day. Schools were closed early, workers were sent home, the whole world was watching that day. The whole world staring at the sky on December 21st, 2012. At 1:39 the first sighting was reported in Berlin, Germany. Everybody yelled and pointed at the sky. Confetti was thrown in the air and banners were dropped over buildings. The whole world was celebrating as the object sped across the Atlantic and landed in Washington D.C. They paused for moment before the came out. I was watching it from the news when I saw the first life form walk from the door. It said something I could not quite understand, but whatever it said was not good. Hundreds of them poured out from the doors. Shooting massacring everyone there. The entire city was exterminated and taken within hours. Everyone was killed including the president. Suddenly thousands of ships started descending from the sky and within a week, the entire world was nothing but an abandon maze of wrecked buildings and fires. They had left, but hey were going to be coming back. Coming back and rebuilding this planet, Starting from scratch. A new race, a clean start, a colonized civilization part of their new race. To them you are nothing but an experiment, but to me you are an opportunity. Go and tell people of this story, make sure everyone knows about what they did to us, and what they did to you...


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Volcano lake?

Volcano lake?

I found this really interesting thing. In Russia there is this big volcano that has been erupting since  November. So all of the lava has created a real life lava lake or river. It’s really cool because when you look at the pictures and videos it looks really interesting like it doesn't become solid right away it just sits there molten red and  wow does it look cool.

Pros Cons.
Pros, well first let us start off with the pros. There are many great pros to this very rare spectacle so lets start with the biggest ones first. One of the biggest one there is is that scientist can learn a ton of different things from this like why these rare lakes and rivers of volcanoes are formed, what causes them to stay in lava form for so long, and many other things about volcanoes and lava because this gives them plenty of time to learn. Another huge pro is that it is very far away from all residential areas so the eruption has not canceled many travel plans or harmed many if anybody at all which is always a good thing.
Cons, cons well there are not really any cons in this case this is mostly a good thing because it is far away from people and is good for scientist to study on. But I guess there are a few bad things like the fact that it will kill some wildlife around the volcano and some smaller animals but other than that this rare rare experience is a moment full of pros which is always a do thing.

My thoughts.
I think this very cool. I mean what are the chances that there would be a flowing river or a lake from entirely lava. That is pretty amazing to me. I also think that this is a pristine location for scientist to test and figure out more stuff about lava and volcanoes. I hope they take this opportunity and make the best out of it.

If you want to check out the website where I got my info off, of here is the link: There are some pretty cool videos of it on there.