Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Volcano lake?

Volcano lake?

I found this really interesting thing. In Russia there is this big volcano that has been erupting since  November. So all of the lava has created a real life lava lake or river. It’s really cool because when you look at the pictures and videos it looks really interesting like it doesn't become solid right away it just sits there molten red and  wow does it look cool.

Pros Cons.
Pros, well first let us start off with the pros. There are many great pros to this very rare spectacle so lets start with the biggest ones first. One of the biggest one there is is that scientist can learn a ton of different things from this like why these rare lakes and rivers of volcanoes are formed, what causes them to stay in lava form for so long, and many other things about volcanoes and lava because this gives them plenty of time to learn. Another huge pro is that it is very far away from all residential areas so the eruption has not canceled many travel plans or harmed many if anybody at all which is always a good thing.
Cons, cons well there are not really any cons in this case this is mostly a good thing because it is far away from people and is good for scientist to study on. But I guess there are a few bad things like the fact that it will kill some wildlife around the volcano and some smaller animals but other than that this rare rare experience is a moment full of pros which is always a do thing.

My thoughts.
I think this very cool. I mean what are the chances that there would be a flowing river or a lake from entirely lava. That is pretty amazing to me. I also think that this is a pristine location for scientist to test and figure out more stuff about lava and volcanoes. I hope they take this opportunity and make the best out of it.

If you want to check out the website where I got my info off, of here is the link: http://hypervocal.com/news/2013/plosky-tolbachik-volcano/. There are some pretty cool videos of it on there.

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