Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have thought about this and there are many great singer songwriters out there. they may not be from the same genre but they are all good . Also it depends on the type of music that you are interested in. There are also many different genres out there like the pop,country, hip hop, the 60,70,80 and the 90. all music is good but people have their favorites. Also when you think about it all comes from the same groups of people they are writers.

   the series of thing music goes through.
The music has a process and it starts with the writing part of it can take a 1 to 2 months to come up with a song after that it goes on to the singer and they sing it and then make changes to their voice and the song. Then it goes back to the writer and he approves it then it goes on the radio, itunes or amazon to get sold. Also they have to put a copyright on it so it doesn't get stolen. Artists can  maybe get  1 or 2 songs a year because that is how long it takes to get it wrote sold and recorded.  

When the songs get to the radio station they have to be approved and if there is a swear word or some thing bad they need to change it up but make it sound the same. Then they have to put it into the Cd and get it on the radio. Then after the song has been played so much they have to take it off and put another song in and if  a new one comes out before old one comes out they find the song that is not liked as much and put the new one in for the one that was less liked.

when the writer runs out of ideas they go to the singer and ask them if they have any ideas and then if they don't have any they read thru it and come up with lyrics. that is how the music industry works.

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