Friday, March 1, 2013

Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting
Trap shooting is a fun sport that I enjoy, and many other people too. It all started in England in the 18th Century. If you know what trap shooting is, you shoot orange discs, but it was different back then. People used real life pigeons that were locked up in a cage (also know as the trap) and flew away as one person took only one shot at them. This procedure didn’t make it so far, because the pigeon number was dropping, so they had to try something else.
So they came up with using glass balls filled with feathers. But the glass was really sharp and hard to pick up, so in 1870, the clay pigeon was invented. From then, it was the best way for target practice for shooting at birds in flight.
This is no easy sport either, you may think, “Oh, I just shoot it” WRONG! There are so many steps that you need to follow while trap shooting. The first step is your feet position. That’s the key right there. You’re supposed to have your feet at a 90 degree angle, facing to the right. This then makes it easier to swing the gun. Step 2: aiming. This is really critical spot in trap shooting too. when you look down the barrel, you will see a little bead at the end o f the barrel. Line up you gun, so you see just that little bead down the barrel, once you’ve got that done, it comes down to the hardest part, shooting. Step 3: Shooting. Shooting the gun is just like throwing a football. When Aarron Rodgers throws that ball at the wide receiver, he needs to lead the ball, otherwise it will go behind the catcher. SO lead your shot, not a lot, but just a little bit.
Once you got that down, you can now go shooting at Berlin, Ripon, the backyard of your Grandmother’s house, or with your Grandmother. There are five stages in trap shooting. AT each stage, you shoot five times. Do the math, and come up with the answer of how many times you shoot....... 25 times. It starts at the left side, and goes down the row. Once you shot your five at the station, you move to the next one. Your score then comes in on how many out of 25 hits.
When you step on the stage, it’s a whole lot of pressure, because it’s been a long time, and your really nervous. But after the first shot, it’s like, OH YA! LET’S DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! But here’s my personal quote. “Trap shooting is fun, but the bruise is your receipt.” Thank you.


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