Monday, February 25, 2013

Commander Sander's Tales-Part 3

Captain Slothatron
Blog Entry #6: Celebrating today. The whole day. I will have to tell the story of how I defeated Captain Cat over and over again. I don’t mind though, it’s nice to have all the attention. Lt. Flufferson did a lot of help too. He will definitely be awarded some type of medal. We will be hosting a ceremony on my ship, and half the crew will celebrate with Lt. Flufferson on Captain Cats Ship, which was renamed to the Flufferson Flyer. Great name, I know. I was hoping it would be named after me, I mean, I am the leader. I guess one ship named after me is enough though. Lt. Flufferson did help a lot after all. We will need to scan the ship though to check for traps or parts that need to be fixed. For now, celebrate!!!

Blog Entry #7: First week of leading the ship, and we have already taken down a big enemy. Today was mostly spent repairing the new ship and making it all ready to fly. No traps, thankfully. Although one recruit sloth thought it would be funny to turn off one engine on the left wing so that the ship would fly around in circles. The right engine was run to much and started on fire. The recruit was punished, but he deserved it. I’m not sure who to attack next. It could be another one of my greatest enemies. His name is, Slothatron.

Blog Entry #8: We had a meeting today. I mentioned my thoughts on attacking Slothatron to the group. Most of the members agreed that Slothatron is a big enemy that needs to be taken down. The most challenging thing about this battle is that Slothatron doesn’t even use a ship. Well he does use ships, just not a main large one. He flies in space himself without even using a ship, as you can see in the picture above of him. Lots of the members of his army use small, fast, and agile ships, which will make them harder targets to hit. We will have to maneuver our main 2 ships very skillfully in order to take town the army of Slothatron. I believe we can do it, with the right amount of teamwork, skills, and weapons. This is a battle that Slothatron will not win!

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