Friday, December 21, 2012

Commander Sanders Tales- Part Two

Blog Entry #3: Alright, in a few days, we launch the attack on Captain Cat. I know this attack will work. With Captain Cat gone, I will be able to launch many more attacks on other great enemies. We had a big meeting about the attack, with me and Lt. Flufferson leading. We hope not to lose many great and brave sloth fighters. We have a new suit that will enable us to move very quickly. Our slowness is one of our biggest enemies that causes us to fail. This suit will make our fighters one of the best in the whole galaxy. The Ship had some updates and special parts added to enable us to travel faster.

Blog Entry #4: Alright final blog before the attack! It is being launched tomorrow. Today, we have spent all of our time planning and preparing for our attack. It will be easy, I think, because we will be attacking with the element of surprise. Captain Cat will be going down. If lucky, I think we should take down all the enemies, but not the ship. That way, with one more ship, we will be unstoppable! Alright, I need to go get some sleep for the big battle coming up tomorrow. Good night everyone.

Blog Entry #5: Guess what? We won!!! Even better though, we got Captain Cat’s ship! We snuck up on the ship, and took them all down by surprise! We even got some Cat warriors hostage. We will question them later tomorrow to ask about other enemies they know. With two ships, we can double team the enemies. Also, Captain Cat’s ship includes software and weapons we needed. I was the 
one to finish off Captain Cat! I snuck into his head quarters, we had an epic battle, and I ended up throwing him out the window of his own ship! He isn’t dead, but he’ll floating in space forever! For eternity! One sloth did fall out of the ship when we were nearing earth to land. He had a parachute though. In the picture to the right you will see the sloth himself with his life-saving parachute.


  1. Very cool, Wyatt! I'm happy that Commander Sanders continues to be triumphant over his adversaries. I also love the photo of the sloth with parachute. :)

  2. Commander Sanders has returned and ready for more missions. Make more this are really good.

  3. I love the commander sanders blogs, I have to continue mine but I don't have a blog due for quite some time but until then I can't wait for your next blog they are sooooo funny and creative.