Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are We a Product of our Culture?

Are we a product of our culture? What is culture? Where is culture? What is a product? Are you confused? That is why I am here, to answer these questions and to make it clear once and for all.
First, Culture. Culture is what shapes our lives and there is no escaping it because it is whatever you do is your culture, the food you eat, the style of house you live in the clothes you wear and most of the time it has to do with your heritage and/or ancestors. Culture is also shared attitudes, knowledge and behaviors of a group. Some more examples of culture are architecture, history, tradition, food, music, etc. Culture is everywhere there are thousands of different types of cultures. American cultures, Lithuanian cultures, Italian, etc.
Where is culture? Culture is everywhere in the cities, in the suburbs, in rural areas and everywhere else. Every culture has their differences from another, but most of them have at least one similarity with another culture, like religion and/or food. There is even culture in school, your local community, and even in your state or province. In Wisconsin, United States of America, a big part of their culture is Dairy.
Now, what is a product? A product of something is a result of something. When most people think of a product they think of something that is made in a factory, and a toy or something along those lines. When you’re talking about culture the factory is our family, our peers and out role models. The product is us, we are influenced by our family, peers and role models and we copy the, and it becomes our culture and our childrens and so on. I have been told that parents are the bone in which children sharpen their teeth.
As you have seen throughout this article we are most definitely a product of our culture. I hope that I have answered all of the questions and leave you with none left on this topic and I hope I have taught you something about culture. Thank You.

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