Monday, October 11, 2010

Come Sail Away with Me!!

If you ask any student at Green Lake Global & Environmental Academy what their favorite field experience day is, I'll bet that the vast majority of them will say Sailing! Every year, students are taken down to the Green Lake Pilgrim Center for a comprehensive lesson on sailing and how to navigate on the water. They are taught how to put together a small sail boat, what the different parts are and how they are used, how to effectively sail, and what to do if they tip over. This year, you could almost taste the excitement in the air, both for the kids that had been on the trip the year before, and for the "newbies." After  the lesson and being outfitted with life vests, the kids were partnered up and set loose on the water. Smiles were all around, especially when one of the first groups tipped over and the other students noticed! I was excited, because about half way through the trip, I was able to go on a sail boat as well! It was my first time, and I was guided by a very experienced 8th grader. :) Seeing all of those happy faces, the look of accomplishment in their eyes, and the pride that they had in themselves and their classmates was truly a surreal experience. Kids that had been afraid the year before comforted those that were nervous this year, advice was thrown out over the water to capsized vessels instead of insults, and the camaraderie that built up between the students was remarkable. On the way home, students couldn't stop talking about the trip and how much fun it was. This was one of those bonding moments that really helped build friendships and brought the students closer together. :)

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