Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green Screen!!

With parent/teacher conferences behind us and Thanksgiving on the way, the Charter room has been busy with multimedia projects. Students were introduced to Prezi, a web based presentation tool with a map-like layout that allows users to zoom, add pictures, and move from slide to slide in a fun, interesting format. When presented on the classroom Smartboard, the presentations took on a futuristic look, with students able to interact with and move their slides using touch control. Their Prezis were titled, “30 Things about Me,” and each was encouraged to add their own personalities to the slide show via pictures, quotes, activities they found interesting. Presentations lasted for the majority of the week in Humanities, and students enjoyed watching and learning more about their classmates. .

Last week, they also worked on their “Humanity vs Inhumanity” video projects, where they worked in teams to uncover acts of humanity and inhumanity around the world. Filmed in a News-show format, students became reporters and news anchors as they uncovered information about topics that ranged from the Holocaust to animal abuse. After the research and filming were completed, students had to work on the MAC computers using professional video editing software to perfect their films, as well as add backgrounds onto the green screens. It took some time to get the hang of editing out the green and inserting a new background in its place, but all of them did a fantastic job! Some of the kids included a blooper reel and some even put commercials into their productions. We watched the videos in class and everyone was very proud of the work they had done! 

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