Friday, November 5, 2010

Bye Mr. Baker!

Even with the shortened classes due to exciting WKCE testing, we still managed to have a busy week here at GEA. Students presented their animal extinction power points during science, showing off their knowledge of prehistoric life forms that used to rule the Earth. We learned about the giant sloth, the wooly mammoth, and the giant beaver, just to name a few. Students used their power point skills to add photos, videos and animations to their presentations.

In English, our time was focused on completing our Wisconsin projects, which included a report and poster. This finished up our theme for October, which was Early Wisconsin History. By looking at a census from the early 1900's, students were able to see what kinds of jobs people held, what they made at their jobs, when they died, and what diseases ravaged the people. It was very interesting and informative.

In Humanities, our time was spend working with Mr. Baker to pick an iEarn project. iEarn is the world's largest non profit organization aimed at connecting teachers and students around the globe. With these projects, students are able to work with other students in schools all over the world. This enhances our global perspective and allows us to see how education is similar and different all over.

On a sad note, this was Mr. Baker's last week with us here at Green Lake. He is moving on to student teach in Ripon and will be missed by the students and staff here at GEA. We wish him all the best!

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