Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The slothfather

Well it was a long time ago but when the slothfather was about to be busted by the FBI. He thought they were close on his tale so he needed to hide the crime documents that would convict him so he started thinking. After just a little while he thought of the perfect idea. Why not just hide all of my top secret crime documents in a random house’s wallpaper. So he went through with the risky plan. Then to no one’s surprise just a few weeks after he hid the documents he was arrested by the FBI. But in order for the FBI to convict him they needed those documents. So the FBI went on a massive search for the documents and put up a ten million dollar reward for the documents. But no one was able to find them so the FBI was forced to release the slothfather. Then the slothfather thought it would be best if he just forgot about the documents and not draw any attention to them. So he went to the Caribbean and forgot about everything and lived in paradise for ten years. Until one day the FBI decided to move their headquarters to the very house where the slothfather hid his documents. But they never noticed. Until one day the FBI decided to remodel their office. The second the slothfather heard about this he knew he had to do something or else he would be caught. So he came out of hiding and traveled to America where he assembled a team of very elite members to help him. So one day after creating the perfect plan. The slothfather and his team set out to bomb the building. Once there they planted the bombs carried out the mission and were successful. Then he moved back to his undercover house in the Caribbean’s and forgot all about his nasty mean crime life. That is the story of the one and only slothfather the biggest name in crime.

  Here is a picture of the legendary sloth
father while he was doing best.