Friday, November 30, 2012

Commander Sander's Blogs

The Tales of Commander Sanders!
Most of you are probably wondering who Commander Sanders is. Well, Commander Sanders is not only the best astronaut I have known, but the best warrior and leader I know. Who am I you ask? Well, I am one of Commander Sanders fighters. I have fought wars against enemies in space, and I have been around Commander Sanders a lot. Being around him so much, I managed to find some of his journals. I just have to share them with you.

Blog Entry #1: Well, today I am starting my first day of leader and captain of the new ship, called the Space Marine. It is now called The Sanders Supreme Fighter. If you don’t know already, my name is Sanders. That’s it. No first or last name, just Sanders. I haven’t met all of the other fighters, but have made friends with a great man, or sloth, name Lt. Flufferson. Lt. Flufferson is a very high rank, but not as high as me. After all, I am the commander. How am I commander if I don’t even know anyone? Well, I used to work on another ship, and did a GREAT deed. That’s another story though, so back to my first day. Great so far, and I just finished supper. It was great. The best chef on the whole ship cooked it.

Blog Entry #2: Day two. Still doing good. We haven’t been attacked yet, so I think I will launch an attack on one of my greatest enemies. Captain Cat. Captain Cat has a large army, but mine is larger. I know I can take Cat’s army down. We shall launch at night. This shouldn’t be too hard of a battle, since we also have a great weapon, The Sloth Cannon. No, the sloth cannon doesn’t shoot sloths, it fires a deathly laser created by ou
best scientist, Sondiel Slothifer.
Captain Cat

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  1. Nice job I like captain a real character he is. I also liker your pictures.