Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Halloween! Many people love Halloween and like do stuff like trick or treat. I would like to explain what I do on Halloween, and my thoughts on it. Why is Halloween a holiday you ask? Well, I will answer that during this blog entry. The costumes are often scary on halloween.
Also, on Halloween, a lot of people go on rides and walks that are supposed to scare them. What do you think? Are you scared of these rides?
First of all, I am going to explain my thoughts on Halloween. I think Halloween should be a holiday. It is a great time for little kids, or just kids, to get a lot of candy, and for adults to hand out candy. Also, a lot of kids and adults like to go on rides and walks to try and scare themselves. On these walks, people will jump out and try to scare you with items such as chainsaws (don’t worry they won’t cut you). Personally, I think these walks would be fun. I can also say I don’t trick or treat much. It may be a surprise to you, but, I never really have trick or treated. I could if I wanted to, but I get enough candy already.
Next, I am going to explain to you what I do on Halloween. I don’t do much, but I don’t really consider Halloween one of my favorite holidays (though I know a lot of people do). For Halloween, I stay at home like a normal day, do my homework, go outside, etc.For supper my mom will bake 
some really good meal for our family will all sit down at the table like we do every night. My mom will also cook a really good dessert for us. Also, my brother and I will have our mom buy some candy to have at home. Yes, we don’t do a whole lot for Halloween, but I still think the day is a good holiday, just not my favorite.

Last, I am going to explain the whole purpose to Halloween. You may think Halloween is just a random day where you get candy and dress up, but there is more to it. Halloween came from a celebration connected with evil spirits. Saying this, I mean goblins, ghosts, witches, you get the point. Why is the color black one of the Halloween colors? This is most likely because the Halloween festivals occurred at night, and it tends to be scarier. Also, the other Halloween color, orange, is because people always decorate with pumpkins before Halloween. Before Halloween people like to decorate their houses with things such as ghosts, goblins, and a lot of times witch silhouettes. There are often events where people have contests for best costume.
Halloween is one of the holidays celebrated in the USA, and is probably the scariest. People love this holiday for its scariness, the pumpkins, and especially the candy. I do not trick or treat myself, but I can see why kids love to. Believe it or not, people like to try to scare themselves, and Halloween is the perfect time. From, pumpkin carving, to trick or treating, Halloween is one of our great holidays. What would you rather do, trick.....or treat?!?!?



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