Thursday, November 15, 2012

The full story of Commaned Sanders.

  The coolest and most interesting sloth ever was born on the normal sunny day of May twenty sixth 2000. His name then was little Bob Sanders but in the near future he won’t be called that, he will be called Commander Sanders the Great Adventurer.
Here is a picture of little Bob when he was born.

  Now little Bob is only one year old and he is just now finishing up his first adventure in his great career of adventures. For this one he will go with his dad and mom to the great Amazon rain forest, where he and his parents go looking for fossils. Unfortunately, they turn up dry. But little Bob still has a great time, in fact, such a great time that in the next year of his long life he will go back. He will go back more and more as he gets older so he can remember his parents and his childhood. Especially his parents because just a month later they died in a horrific tree climbing accident at super high speeds of three and four miles per hour. If you don’t mind, it was so gory that I would rather not get into the details of the accident. But in a few months little Bob is over the accident, out of slthoster care and living on his own. Now let’s jump ahead a month and go to the NASA space station, where little Bob finally goes from little Bob to Commander Sanders the Great Adventurer. After he gets hired at NASA to go to the moon and explore the dark side that no one had ever explored, if he and his team of four are successful and find valuable information they would be re hired to do another mission. So just like anyone else, Commander Sanders and his adventurous co-workers were psyched about getting this high paying job at a legendary place. They thought going to the moon would be the greatest adventure they would ever do and that they would definitely get re hired and they would soon be rich, famous, and all over the news. But when they accepted the mission they had no idea that there was any danger on the moon and that if there was NASA would warn them about it. They would soon find out that they wouldn’t  all make it out alive and the few that did would barely make it out.
Here is a picture of little Bob right after he is hired as Commander Sanders, the Great Adventurer.
End of chapter one.


  1. Whoa, wait? He goes from little Bob to a Commander like that?

  2. Ha! I like it when the high speed is 4 mph. It makes it funny and makes me want to keep reading.

  3. I LQL ed at this (Laughed Quite Loudly). Very funny and very original. I have to agree with Cody, the 4mph death was funny. And I'm not saying that death is funny.

  4. I agree with Cody and Austen, the 4 mph crash was really funny. Great job telling the story of Commander Sanders too.

  5. Oh they grow up so fast. The little Sander we used to know is now all grown up and going off to space with Captain Kitty

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