Thursday, November 15, 2012

May the bag be ever in your favor!

This is an urgent message! I repeat this is an urgent message! This just in; all Doritos chips have been banned in these following countries: Kazakhstan  Canada, UK, the continent of Asia, and USA. I am sad to report that there are only 3 million family bag sizes left in the world.  But before you get your hopes up, there's a catch. In order to get one of these bags you must fight for it. Two people from every district (countries) will compete for Doritos. But there is a catch for that catch. You will be picked by a drawing of names and there will be a bracket. The top ten countries in this fight to the death will go on to the nationals. Then those top 10 contenders will fight to the death for all the Doritos in the world. Many lives will be lost. But think of the children. These deaths will be lost for a chance to have amazing taste in their lives for a little while longer. With the privilege of winning this fight, the company will be yours until the Doritos are gone. This is your choice keep the Doritos for yourself, or sell them and make millions of dollars, riches beyond your wildest dreams by selling Doritos for outrageous prices. You're probably thinking to yourself right now as we speak,"People won't buy Doritos for steep prices." But in reality, you would be surprised how much people would pay for Doritos, or what they would do for one little Dorito. After all these fights go down, Doritos will still be here. Oh yes they will. Doritos will just be illegal to own or have. So you can still buy and eat and own Doritos, it will just be illegal. BZZZZZWWZZHHZZ(sound effects from walkie talkie) Oh yes sir I will let them know right know. This just in, my boss has informed me that this is called the Doritos Games. He told me to tell you happy Doritos Games and may the bag be ever in your favor. One last thing the people will be taken home for the Doritos Games in 5,4,3,2,1.... Good luck BBBZZZZZZ (broadcasting news screen that lost signal)


  1. I see what you did! very cleaver. I don't know how you people can think of stuff like thing. To make up something like this for me would take like .... ....... well never.

  2. Ha Ha "Very cleaver". A cleaver is the big square knifes for slicing thing in lots of pieces